Tales by Trees

Tales by Trees is a luxury goods company with a purpose. We put more back into the nature than we consume. Seeking deeper beauty and meaning in life, we stand with one leg buried in timeless design and tradition, another in science and new innovations.

Why • Harmony

Our world is dangerously off-balance. Climate change, overconsumption, disposable plastic culture and the demands of a frantic modern life are not a healthy direction, either for the planet or for us as a species.

Tales by Trees is a net positive company whose mission is to increase both global and individual harmony.

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How • Forest

Forests combat climate change. Their effects on our mental and physical well-being have been extensively studied. Wood is a sustainable, natural and versatile resource.

Trees can be an answer to many of our problems. We are excited about the new innovations, ideas, stories and viewpoints that emerge from the forest.

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What • Luxury

As a material, wood is beautiful and meaningful. It enhances our personal and collective well-being. It is luxury.

Tales by Trees products are made of sustainably grown wood from Nordic forests, lovingly crafted with high quality Nordic design. Each purchase is guaranteed to leave the world a better place than it was before.

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