About Us

Imagine if trees could speak.

What kind of stories would they tell us? Our passion and goal is to figure this out, and we are excited to have you join us for the adventure!

We will be using three primary vehicles in our journey into the world of Tales by Trees: A Magazine, Books and Design.

The Tales by Trees Magazine is a website and social media hub dedicated to news, people and pictures. The unifying theme is trees and stories about trees. You are in fact currently reading the Magazine – thanks for being here!

Tales by Trees Books are illustrated fairy tales for grown-ups. If you enjoy strange tales, fantasy, inspirational literature, popular philosophy and nature, you will love reading the Tales by Trees books. We strongly believe that grown-ups not only have the right to enjoy illustrated stories, but that we need them the most. Reading develops our most valuable asset in life, the imagination. Set it free!

Meanwhile, Tales by Trees Design combines design and sustainability, two aspects which we value very highly. Just think about the number of everyday items that trees give us. Paper and cardboard, oils, fruits, clothing, wooden ships and buildings. How many can you see or touch right now? Design is a tangible means of experiencing the stories that trees tell us.

Ultimately, and without wanting to sound too new age-y, trees are a source of much deeper meaning and wisdom than we can easily understand. They have for centuries fascinated artists, scientists, philosophers and storytellers. They definitely fascinate me and my team, and together with you, we are committed to finding out more. And that is my personal promise to you. We want to hear your stories about trees, your reactions to the Tales by Trees.

Just imagine if trees could speak.

Warm wishes from somewhere north,

Markus Pyhältö
lead investigator at Tales by Trees