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To Plant 7 Trees

Over 30,000
trees planted!
Tales by Trees book

Can we rebuild nature?

Tales by Trees book

Is love able to defeat dragons?

Tales by Trees book

What can dreams achieve?

Three beautifully illustrated fables for grown-ups.

Each book sold plants 7 trees.

Tales by Trees illustrations
Tales by Trees illustrations
Tales by Trees illustrations


Healthy Forests

Young, growing trees are the most efficient way to remove harmful CO2 from the atmosphere. Forests are sanctuaries for high biodiversity that heal the areas where they grow.

We plant trees in co-operation with the US based non-profit Trees for the Future. Trees are planted in areas where they maximise global benefits.


Healthy Mind

Reading makes you smarter. It is an important way to promote your mental health and functions as stimulation that boosts your brain power.

Studies also show that regular reading can reduce stress and increase relaxation, as well as making you more empathetic towards others.

Unique<br />


Inspirational modern fairy tales that examine our relationship with nature.

Award<br />


Great reviews by Amazon readers.

Used at Berekley as teaching materials.

Winner of the prestigious Most Beautiful Book Series Award (Finland).

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Any Device

Read on
Any Device

Eco-friendly ebook format that you can read on your phone, tablet, computer or Kindle.

Tales by Trees authors

Read to Plant

Three modern fairy tales for grown-ups and mature children. Every purchase plants 7 trees.

Over 30,000 trees planted already!

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